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Why are you changing the Player's Club?

We have changed the club in order to give you more rewards. A-Play Club qualifying periods are January through June and July through December annually.

What's new about the club?

The new A-Play Club allows our members to review account information on the website. We have also made it easier than ever for members to receive offers and promotions.

Will my points and comps transfer over to my new A-Play Card?

Yes, everything will transfer over to your new card.

Are there any changes to Platinum, Gold, & Silver Memberships?

Every property has different earning criteria. Please see the Tier Benefits.

Where can I use my points? What are my points worth?

For details on where you can use your points and point value please visit the A-Play club at your favorite property.

A-Play Properties

Will I be able to use my current Free Play offers with my new A-Play Card?

Yes. Your current Free Play will remain in your account until you use it, or until it expires. Additionally, you will continue to be awarded offers and Free Play based on your play. Free Play awarded by your preferred casino will be playable at that casino. If you play multiple Affinity Gaming properties, you may be awarded Free Play by any casino, for use at that casino only.

When I sign up with A-Play Club does that mean I'll receive offers from other Affinity Gaming casinos?

You will receive mail with offers from the property that you play at most. You may occasionally also receive offers from other Affinity Gaming casinos.

Where is Point Play offered? Will I be able to use my point play with my new A-Play Card?

Point play is only valid on the machine they download it on. It does not stay on your card, therefore it does not travel from machine to machine. If you remove your card before your point play is used it will be lost.

How do I get to the next card level?

Your play determines how quickly you move to the next level. You can see how close you are to the next level by going to

How do I receive more Free Play?

The Free Play you received in your loyalty mailer is based on your play. The more you play the more you will receive.

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